”   “Listen, Padre, let me walk you home,” I say, extending the olive branch. Marco shakes his head.

“I’m not a Father,” he says. “I’m a reverend. You can just call me Marco, though.”

I nod. “Okay, Marco,” I say. “Let me walk you home.”

He smiles and scratches his head, and for some reason I’m feeling nervous again.

“I, uh. I live above the sanctuary.” He points to the wide, white doors behind us. “So it’s not really that far.”

I stare at the doors for a moment, then back to Marco, before marching right over to them and opening one wide.

It doesn’t take more than half a second’s glance to convince me that Marco must really be fucking blind. I slam the door shut again and turn to face him, shoulders tense. “No,” I say simply. He blinks at me, and I shake my head. “No fucking way, Pad—Marco. Have you opened your eyes lately?”

He licks his lips and flushes a little, rubbing a finger under his nose. “I just thought, you know… sometimes when cars go by, their shadows move along the walls…”

I look at him incredulously and point over my shoulder, mouth hanging open. “Cars,” I manage finally.  ” “Ghost Story” - avoidingavoidance

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